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Company History

Unisert Multiwall Systems, Inc. was originally incorporated in Canada in 1968 and again in the United States in 1973. Unisert relocated its principle offices from Edmonton, Alberta to Conroe, Texas (40 miles north of Houston, Texas) and has been based there ever since 1978. Our central activity continues to lie in the area of designing, fabricating and installing multiwall pipeline systems for the oil, gas, chemical, mining, power utility and the municipal industries. Unisert also engages in pipeline cleaning and the repair of fiberglass pipe, tanks and vessels.

Since 1968, Unisert has been engineering and building its patented IT3 multiwall pipe systems that negate galvanic corrosion problems and meet double-wall containment requirements for the oil, gas, chemical, mining, power utility and municipal industries. Unisertís unique process involves sliding one piping system into another and filling the annular space with a suitable cement-based material to create a multiwall pipe.

Unisertís techniques can be used for new pipeline systems and to repair or rejuvenate existing pipelines. A wide range of materials is utilized, including metals, plastics and cements. Unisert offers total service to its customers ranging from design and planning to post installation analysis. Standard designs and custom technical services are provided.

Unisert has installed the IT3 system in varying climates and terrain throughout the North American continent, from Alaskaís North Slope to the streets of New York City. Operating in all types of fluid streams-oil, gas, water, slurry and multiphase systems-pressures have ranged from vacuum to 3500 PSI. In addition to numerous plant installed and cross-country pipeline projects, Unisert has completed many environmentally sensitive onshore and offshore projects from the Bahamas to California.


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