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Product Advantages

The IT3 multiwall piping system has many advantages over other liner configurations. An IT3 system combines layers of material whereby the total structure behaves homogeneously but with a combination of the properties imparted by the individual materials. In this configuration, where the annular space is filled with a cement material, the corrosion-erosion resistance of the plastic liner pipe and the strength/mechanical durability of the metal case are exploited. Mechanically fitting the two piping systems together allows them to act as a single unit. Also, with this compressed liner method, the plastic liner is always kept in the elastic deformation range.

With the expanded liner method pressure and/or temperature must deform the plastic. The expanded liner, which acts as an internal coating, retains little if any mechanical strength whereas the liner pipe is a pressure containing structural entity by itself. The critical manufacturing variable in an expanded liner is the adhesion to the substrate metal or concrete whereas for liners it is with respect to attaining a mechanically fitted cohesive unit. various abnormalities, slight offsets, sharp ridges and other small obstructions inside an existing pipe may also cause the expanded liner to weaken or tear at that point.

Advantages of the IT3 In-situ Multiwall Piping System over Expanded Liner Methods:

Increased Longevity and Enhanced Performance: The IT3 system handles cyclic loading, higher pressures and higher temperatures.

* Liner Materials Flexibility: A variety of liner materials FRP, PE, PB, PVC and others can be effectively used in the system and matched to the operating criteria for the line. * Liner Suitability: The most suitable liner materials are selected for the fluid or gas stream. * Thermal Expansion: is controlled since the system is locked together. * Insertion Lengths: Liners can be inserted in lengths of 2,700+ feet. * Double-wall Containment: The two conduits are combined into one multiwall pipe that meets double-wall containment requirements. * Cementing Advantages: Cement squeezed into the annulus between the liner and the outer pipe transmits hoop strength, forms a secondary corrosion defense, provides a negative buoyancy and serves as a thermal insulator. * Pipe Condition: The outer pipe does not have to be exceptionally clean before insertion and grouting.


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