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May 8, 2006

Grana Montero Petrolera
Consocio Terminales
Att: Roberto Cairo
General Manager
Lima, Peru

To Whom It May Concern:

The Consolidated Edison Company of New York has maintained a long-term business relationship with Unisert Multiwall Systems over the past several years. They have been involved with numerous complex and highly visible projects. I was personally involved on three projects they completed for Con Edison. The projects involved the retirement of underground fuel oil piping that was no longer in use and had to be retired to meet commitments made to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The first project was the removal of oil from a 20inch underground pipe originating at a fuel oil facility in Brooklyn N.Y. and terminating at the Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens N.Y. The pipe is approximately 7 miles in length, and oil removal was accomplished by pigging. With concerns regarding the integrity of the pipe the pressures that could be utilized had to be kept to a minimum. A further complication was that the line was segmented into 11 sections by valves that were only 12inch, the pig used had to be designed to compress to get through the valves and re-expand to the size of the pipe. Unisert worked with Con Edison Engineers and devised a plan to complete the work. As with the first project there were numerous environmental issues and concerns that had to be addressed since the pipe was located in densely populated areas in New York City streets. The project was successfully completed with minimal disruption to the public.

The second project was the removal of oil from a 10inch underground pipe originating at a tank farm in Astoria N.Y. and terminating at the Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens N.Y. The pipe is approximately 5 miles) in length, portions of the pipe are direct buried and portions are installed with an abandoned cast iron gas main. As with the other projects Unisert worked closely with Con Edison and various government agencies and the project was successfully completed.

Based on their past performance with Con Edison I would recommend them for any complex pipeline work involving the removal of product and testing of the pipeline. Their expertise and professionalism have made every project on which I have worked with them a success. One added note is that Unisert's owner Mr. Tierlings was personally involved on every project so that issues that developed during the course of the work could be reviewed immediately and resolved to keep the projects moving.

If you require further information I can be reached at (917) 418-7197.

Yours truly, Wayne Olansen, Construction Management


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