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Attention: Messrs. Ken Tierling
Benant Fruck

Subject: ARCO Oil and Gas Company
Contract No. DE-82-030
Installation of a Submarine Pipeline
From the Seep Containment Structure
in the Santa Barbara Channel to
Ellwood Onshore Facility


I should like to express my sincere appreciation for the fine job which you did in helping to assemble the seep pipeline for the Santa Barbara Channel. Your people worked many long hours to maintain the schedule for constructing the line, yet not once did you relax your high standards for quality workmanship. We are particularly appreciative of this in view of the environmental concerns of working in the Santa Barbara Channel and its environs. It is comforting to know that we have installed a pipeline of this quality.

I am very grateful for the high degree of cooperation between your people and the Healy-Tibbitts/Norcross people, particularly during the offshore pull. I know how difficult it is to have two prime contractors on job at the same time. However, because of the proprietary nature of this pipeline, it wasn't possible to avoid this situation. To everyone's credit, you cooperated and pulled together as a team. The end result was a very smooth and trouble free operation and a very satisfied customer.

I am particularly pleased that this type of pipeline goes together so well, for I feel confident that this type of piping system will find a great many applications in handling wet, high CO2 content streams and other corrosives in the future. It was a very pleasant surprise to see that welding the SK joint did not produce high enough temperatures to damage the plastic pipe - even with two welders simultaneously welding on the same joint.

Again, let me thank you for a job well done!

Very truly yours,

Don R. Patterson


cc: Messrs. J. E. Hunteman
                  F. L. Erwin
                  F. C. Strom
                  J. B. Hundley
                  P. R. Rowley
                  R. E. Carlson
                  J. Pruitt


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