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Frequently Asked Questions about the IT3 System

What is the average size of the liner used in comparison to the outer case pipe?
The typical liner is one nominal size smaller than the outer case pipe. For instance, a 10" fiberglass pipe could be inserted into a 12" steel pipe or an 18" into a 20". This reduction generally applies to in-situ installations. New piping systems can be manufactured to meet specific ID requirements.

Won’t the reduction of the ID mean a loss of capacity and throughput?
With most plastic liner materials, the improved C-factors allow for an equal amount of product to be moved through the new carrier pipe at the same horsepower rating if approximately 86% of the original ID is maintained. In those cases where achieving an identical throughput rate is not possible, other considerations are evaluated and explored. (In many cases, maintaining the actual volume in an existing line may no longer be necessary. Operating guidelines and pressures have to be examined.)

When should the IT3 system be considered?
Consider the IT3 system when the project objectives are to prevent, arrest or eliminate pipe corrosion problems, and to achieve vastly increased system longevity and low maintenance performance in lines where other corrosion reducing approaches are either ineffective or too costly for what will be realized.

How does the cost of the IT3 system compare to other liner and piping methods?
Depending on the proposed application, length of the line and site conditions, the up-front savings with the IT3 system can be significant, especially with the in-situ rejuvenation approach. With new multiwall piping, the economics will demonstrate tremendous savings over the long term. When compared to stainless steel and exotic alloys, the IT3 system is generally much less expensive.

Does Unisert manufacture its own pipe and liner materials?
Unisert does not manufacture the pipe and liner components. Rather, it matches applicable designs to end-use and manufactures the liner/outer case pipe combination. Unisert does fabricate elbows and other multiwall fittings to match the performance characteristics of the liner pipe being used. Unisert purchases only quality pipe and liner materials from various well-known manufacturers.

Are customers restricted to standard liner sizes and configurations?
Unisert works with multiple plastic manufacturers to design and fabricate the type and size liner that meets the customers needs. Depending on the length and scope of a given project, Unisert can have liner pipe custom-manufactured or configured to meet close tolerance requirements where maintaining ID is critical or to achieve higher pressure and temperature ratings.


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