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Large Diameter Pipe for Wastewater and
Storm-Water Sewer Pipe Networks

Unisert's solution to large diameter sewer pipe inflow and infiltration, and collapse problems resulting from normal deterioration and corrosion of wastewater and storm-water pipe, is a three-phase pipe. This unique pipe features an inert fiberglass pipe liner placed inside a corrugated steel pipe case. Placing lightweight concrete grout into the annular space between the liner and case upon setting secures the liner in place. This combination follows a natural progression of Unisert's more than thirty years experience cementing fiberglass or other polymer pipe in steel. Unisert's CF-IT3, Corrugated steel, Fiberglass Internal Tubing 3-phase large diameter pipe may be used as a liner for the rehabilitation of existing sewers or in new construction applications.

Unisert CF-IT3 Multiwall Pipe Section

Sewer pipe networks are innately hostile environments. The inert fiberglass pipe liner resists the corrosive nature of the environment and provides excellent flow characteristics. Corrugated steel pipe technology has been in place for over 100 years and provides time-proven static and dynamic load support. The concrete holds the fiberglass pipe inside the corrugated steel pipe case. As an extra-added benefit, the concrete provides corrosion protection for the interior of the corrugated steel pipe. Further, when grouted to place in the rehabilitation of existing sewers, the CF-IT3 liner pipe is virtually bedded to perfection.

Adjacent fiberglass pipe sections of CF-IT3 pipe are joined and sealed using a bell and spigot configuration featuring a rubber gasket seal. Additionally, a guide ring is affixed to the exterior of the corrugated steel pipe on the fiberglass pipe bell end of the joint. The guide ring assists the final alignment during insertion/coupling and provides continuous support and protection at each joint.


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