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Lip Seal Joint System

The IT3 system can be installed in-situ. In a retrofit application, the existing pipe supplies the available conduit for the liner insertion, lending hoop strength to the overall design as well as impact resistance for the system.

  • Lip-SealŽ: Provides a method and apparatus for joining sections of multiwall pipe in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. It also allows the inner liner that are coated or lined with materials that are unable to withstand heat produced when the steel casing sections are welded.

  • Sealing surfaces are axially aligned, therefore, pressure passing the inner pipe at the joint forces the Lip-SealŽ to expand against the O.D. of the liner pipe sealing the joint tightly. The elastomeric Lip-SealŽjoins the outer and inner pipe with one pipe joining instead of two or more.

  • Provides a higher joining success ratio on larger diameter pipe above 24" (with a high degree of high low) then the typical bonded joining.

  • In large diameter sewer pipe it allows for a permeable outer case such as corrugated steel to be used for deep sewers without collapsing the liner. The Lip-SealŽ will allow infiltration avoiding high pressure in the annulus to cause the liner to collapse.

The following illustrations shows how Lip Seal Joint System process is performed.



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