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New IT3 Multiwall Systems

The IT3 system is also ideal for new pipeline installations. Its characteristics of high impact strength and enhanced corrosion resistance make it excellent for many applications where these factors are needed, including offshore.

New IT3 multiwall piping systems can be constructed in advance at Unisert’s plant or on the job site. Other features include:

  • Available in 2" or larger diameters in double random lengths (40 foot joints).
  • Elbows/Tees are available with the same process and constructed to standard dimensions.
  • In-line connections are made using the SK Collar welded connection, a unique joint design    that also allows for fast and efficient installation. (Flanged connections are also available.)
  • Special pressure applications up to 4,000 PSI available.

SK Field Joint

field out

lip seal joint

Each project is evaluated to determine the most economical route to pursue with regard to constructing and installing the new multiwall piping system. Depending on project the design parameters, Unisert may suggest combining in-situ installation techniques with all new piping material.


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