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Kenneth Tierling

Founder and President of Unisert, has worked in the pipe line industry for over thirty-five years. While serving as District Manager for Magna Chem. Ltd., he began developing the concept of pumping a cement-based grout into the annular space between the existing outer steel pipe and a newly inserted liner as a means of inhibiting corrosion and extending the useful life of pipe lines. This in-situ process would have applications in all fluid streams--water, oil, gas, petrochemicals, slurries--especially where higher pressures and temperatures called for using a combination of materials that could out perform liners alone.

Based around his research and development, Mr. Tierling formed Unisert and installed his first pipe line in 1968. Over the years, the need for fabricating a new piping system to replace lines beyond repair became evident. Mr. Tierling met the challenge and designed the IT3 New Piping System featuring the patented SK Collar system for joining and welding line pipe elbows.

Under Mr. Tierling’s direction, Unisert has completed multiple projects both on-and-offshore, from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Grand Bahama, Bahama Islands. He has worked with highly corrosive and abrasive fluid streams installing the Unisert IT3 Multiwall Piping System using liner materials suitable to the needs of each project. Mr. Tierling has designed systems to perform under various operating conditions and to feature special characteristics such as using insulating grouts and building in negative buoyancy for offshore installations.

Additional Unisert Associates:

Shane Tierling, P.E., has been associated with Unisert since 1993 as an engineering consultant, assisting with project specification, technical evaluations, product improvement and new product research and development. Mr. Tierling is a chemical engineer with an extensive background in chemical plant operations. He also works with one of the world's foremost engineering consulting firms serving the petrochemical industry.

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