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New IT3 Multiwall Systems
The IT3 system is also ideal for new pipeline installations. Its characteristics of high impact strength and enhanced corrosion resistance make it excellent for many applications where these factors are needed, including offshore.

Large Diameter Water & Sewer Pipe
Unisert's solution to large diameter sewer pipe inflow and infiltration, and collapse problems resulting from normal deterioration and corrosion of wastewater and storm-water pipe, is a three-phase pipe.

Steel-In-Steel For Subsea
Unisert has developed and tested a new technology for quickly connecting doublewall steel pipe. Suited for offshore deep-water applications, the patented S-SK Collar connector allows the field installer to join the internal steel carrier pipe without welding.

In Situ IT3 Piping Systems
The IT3 system can be installed in-situ. In a retrofit application, the existing pipe supplies the available conduit for the liner insertion, lending hoop strength to the overall design as well as impact resistance for the system.

Lip Seal Joint
Lip-Seal®: Provides a method and apparatus for joining sections of multiwall pipe in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. It also allows the inner liner that are coated or lined with materials that are unable to withstand heat produced when the steel casing sections are welded.

Fire Water Systems Solution
IT3® = Triple Wall System (Carbon Steel, Patented Grout System and Fiberglass Internal liner). The Carbon Steel outer liner provides impact resistance, high temperature resistant and beam strength. The Patented Grout System stops/reduces any corrosion development/spread of corrosion within the steel pipe. The Fiberglass Internal Liner being in compression negates the cyclic loading concerns, eliminates any corrosion and provides better flow rate characteristics. Click here to view the Unisert Firewater IT3 System Presentation.


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