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Articles and Reference Material

Numerous articles have been written about the Unisert IT3 system and its applications over
the past twenty years. A partial list of articles and where to locate them is identified below. Other Unisert reports profiling specific projects may also be obtained by e-mailing, writing
or contacting Unisert directly.

Multiwall piping solves corrosion problems: Reprinted from the March 1998 issue of Electric Light & Power magazine. SUMMARY: Con Ed recently replaced two corroded fuel oil pipelines in Manhattan using a new multiwall piping system. The project followed more than three years of engineering and evaluations by the utility to find a suitable replacement fuel oil supply system to connect the fossil fuel power plants serving New York City.
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Con Edison lines replaced by new multiwall piping system: Reprinted from April 1997 issue of Pipe Line & Gas Industry magazine. SUMMARY: Consolidated Edison of New York replaces two corroded fuel oil pipe lines in Manhattan with the new multiwall piping system. Article addresses the problem facing engineers, project description, design criteria, system design life and thermal expansion characteristics of the replaced lines.
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Multiwall system used to repair subsea line: May 4, 1981 edition of Oil & Gas Journal, Copyright 1981 by PenWell Publishing Company. SUMMARY: Article contains line repair design and repair procedure for installation of IT3 Multiwall Piping System to a subsea ballast line for a supertanker terminal at Grand Bahama Island for Burmah Oil Ltd.
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Multiwall system curbs sour gas corrosion: 1981 issue Pipe Line Industry SUMMARY: Discussion of the materials selection criteria, testing, installation and results relative to the first application of the system to the highly corrosive sour gas pipe line for Shell Canada Resources Ltd. at the Hunter Valley field, Alberta, Canada in 1975.
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In-situ Repair Method for Concrete Cylinder Pipe: August 6, 1981, Vol I, No. 102 edition of IT3 Record. SUMMARY: Unisert Multiwall System repairs 18" line for Shell in West Texas carrying brackish water and a 14" line owned by Texaco in Aneth, Utah that transports river water. Article contains the history, solution and results of both systems.
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IT3 System Renews 25 Mile Pipeline: October 25, 1981, Vol., No. 103 edition of IT3 Record. SUMMARY: Shell Pipeline in Baker, Montana experiencing leaks in five steel flow lines contacts Unisert to install the patented IT3 Multiwall Pipe System using 2" PVC in the existing 3" steel lines. Article contains history, solution and results of the repair project.
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