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IT3: The Corrosion Solution

The IT3 System is the ideal solution for internal pipeline corrosion and high PSI pipelines.

The use of plastic-lined steel pipe is mainly applied to corrosive fluids with high pitting potentials where convential barrier type films (inhibitors, thin film coatings) see a high failure probability. These systems generally involve concentrations of salt and corrosive gases such as O2, COs, and H2S. Bacteria, oxygenated water, a high chloride content, and the presence of water in another fluid or gas stream can accelerate the corrosion process and exacerbate the problem.

As a result of both localized and general corrosion, pipes deteriorate more quickly, resulting in reduced performance, frequent maintenance, an increase in the likelihood of leaks, more downtime to locate and repair problem areas, and greater risk to the environment.

The IT3 system has saved the energy industry millions of dollars in downtime, reclamation and material costs, and continued payback from maintenance-free operation in the years that follow.


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